Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Obama's Campaign Jack Makes Hillary Sad

The Hillary campaign is taking a break from telling me to sign a petition against The Horrible Injustice Done to Michigan and Florida for a new cringe-inducing tack. The email goes like this:

    Dear [Pho]:

    With 14 days to go until the people of Pennsylvania vote, the Obama campaign has decided to go all-out. They're trying to end the race for the White House with an unyielding media blitz. Right now, we're being outspent 4-1 on Pennsylvania television.

    So now, here's what we have to ask ourselves: Have we come this far in our history-making contest for the Democratic nomination only to see the race decided not by the quality of our ideas but by the size of our opponent's media budget?
To paraphrase Jim Rome, Obama spends a lot of money because he has a lot of money. And he has a lot of money because over a million people (myself included) have given him money. He doesn't have a lot of money because his spouse pulls in a quarter million per for speaking engagements. And his self-imposed restriction on lobbyist money, though not perfect, has limited the money he's gotten with an expectation of future consideration.

So now here's question we really have to ask ourselves: What does it say about the two campaigns that one has generated such excitement that people have given more than votes and the other hasn't?

And it goes deeper than that. Remember all the stories about Hillary hiring canvassers in Ohio? It suggests she has burned more money on staff than Obama has because he brings out more volunteers. In a study of contrasts, my Obama email today didn't ask for money. It asked for Ohioans to make the roady to PA to help out. For obvious reasons, Hillary's contributor list hasn't gotten that email.

When they are not defending democracy, Hillary's flak cloud argues that the democratic result should be overturned because she is more electable based on her performance in big states. She doesn't understand that Obama's war chest is a far more compelling electability argument,


Rich in Medina said...

And as Jim Rome would say...

Rack him!

Ben said...

Pho, how do you think things will end up playing out in PA?