Monday, April 28, 2008

Buckeye RINO and the Well Curve

Daniel Jack Williamson gave notice today that he is starting the blog Buckeye RINO. Dan has posted on group blogs, notably Word of Mouth and the now-defunct Right Angle. As he explains he's been blogging on Yahoo 360 but is now has his own real estate in the political blogosphere.

This is a development that should be applauded by people of all stripes who want good political discourse above all else. First off, Dan is a good blogger and a good guy.

Moreover, Buckeye RINO promises to fill in some of the gaps in the politisphere. At this moment in time the distribution of political blogs follows an inverted bell curve or a well curve. We have disproportionate posting on either end of the spectrum but relatively little in the middle where most Americans would plot their politics. Here in Ohio moderates do somewhat better than average, but the blogosphere as a whole still tends to be bipolar.

Dan is calling his blog Buckeye RINO because, as he says, he's not on the far right. His blog promises to be like a Midwest version It's My Party, Too. More importantly, he has always operated outside of strict partisanship. Check out, for example, this post on Rev. Wright and Obama that challenges current Republican orthodoxy on the subject. Too often reading blogs has the feel of reading a half-dozen rewrites of a party or activist group press release. Again, in Ohio we have more than our share of original thinkers, but we can always use more.

So surf over and welcome Dan to the blogsphere. I look forward to reading.


Ben said...

Linc Chafee's favorite new blog?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, Pho. Ben, I don't know if the former U.S. Senator from Rhode Island would appreciate my blog, though. I'm far more conservative than he is.