Friday, April 25, 2008

Jim Rome Show Smack-Off 2008 Results

Once a year Jim Rome gives his sports talk show over to the best callers of the year, plus a few legends. Once a year the callers trade barbs on each other, sports, entertainment and XR4TI Crew. Once a year, we are treated to the Smack-Off.

And once a year (well last year and this, anyway) I post the results and get a bushel of cheap hits. Since Clones have been burning up my SiteMeter already, I'll continue the tradition. And by the way, I love the Clones who were Googling "Jim Rome Smack-Off Winner" at 2:40. The show ends at 3:00, geniuses. Dig through the cushions of the old couch you sleep on in your mother's basement for a few coins and by yourself a clock.

To reset the backstory. Five-time winner Sean "The Cablinasian" Pendergast parlayed his wins into a sports talk gig in Houston with a station that rivals Rome's affiliate there. So he was declared ineligible, opening up the field.

Meanwhile, last year hot rookie Vic in NoCal called his shot, but failed to show the day of (earning him the gloss Vic in No Call.) This past Wednesday he called his shot again, this time promising to win as a rookie participant and call first and go wire-to-wire for the first time in the history of the event. Professional comedian Jay Mohr heard the call and promised to go second and pile of Vic.

As if that wasn't enough, JD in Nashville broke off a legendary song parody last year in the midst of the feud between Chad in Portland and Mike in Witchita. JD wasn't heard from for months after that, but got an invite based on the one call. Then he made one disastrous follow up call, but still retained his invite. Chad and Mike were also invited.

So high drama going in. We ended up hearing a strong competition, but the pre-game drama
played little part in the final results.

With all that said, here are the final results:

10. Casey in Vegas
9. Jeff in Richmond (Yes, the same call as always, but JIIIM is a sucker for it)
8. Silk in Huntington Beach
7. Greg in Vegas (surprisingly little amputee smack)
6. Jay Mohr
5. Terrence in Sierra Madre (still the third or fourth or fifth bridesmaid down the receiving line)
4. Stevie from LMU (on the tenth anniversary of his winning calal)
3. Joe in the O.C.
2. Doc Mike Ditolla (First time in for several years. Totally blew up Vic)
1. Iafrate (Second win. Totally blew up Doc Mike)

So there you have it. Vic did call in first, but didn't figure in the standings. The other rookie caller to do well was Cory in Ann Arbor. Rachel in Houston, Irae Craig and Brandon in Wilmington all got run. JD offered a pretty nothing call; Mike and Chad didn't show.

Maybe next year I'll get my act together and secure a little pirate audio. As it is, you need to pay money to stream the show. Rome likes his bank.

We now rejoin our regularly scheduled public policy blog, already in progress.


Anonymous said...

Try this link for audio clips...

Poor Pho said...

I agree with you filing this under "And Now For Something Completely Different"

I say this because this totally off base post is a disingenuous way to bump up your blog traffic statistics using google hits.

Give me a break Pho. You are truly pathetic because high traffic coming to this blog is truly "Something Completely Different"

Pho said...

Yes, Dave. I saw in the GCJ comment thread that you are off your meds again. This is not something completely different.

The problem with being ironic and self-effacing is that it invites another Hickman moronathon. In fact I posted the results last year because in 2006 I missed the last half hour of the show and couldn't find results anywhere on the web. So once a year the Clone Nation has a reliable source for same-day coverage.

How much does the traffic actually matter? Not at all. If I pick up one or two regular readers as a result, I'd be surprised. It's just a fun thing to do and I'm all about the fun.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recap. not much has been spoken of this smack off since it happened, and i had no idea who won it or that cablinasian was ineligible. i was on the road and couldn't hear it. it must not have been that memorable.