Monday, April 14, 2008

Marc's Mess: Leo Jennings On Leave.

AG Marc Dann put his Communications Director (and longtime FoM) Leo Jennings on paid administrative leave resulting from the Marc's Mess sexual harassment scandal. Why Jennings? The PD reports this intriguing snippet:

    On Monday, Jennings was placed on leave as a result "of new information received over the weekend related to the ongoing investigation," according a statement from Dann's office. Deputy communications director Ted Hart would not comment further.
So this gets us up to two staffers who are being paid to not do anything as a result of these allegations. It does suggest a heightened level of cluefulness on Dann's part. Up until now it looked like the Gang of Three would fight together or die together. Now Dann looks more willing to throw people overboard if they did wrong. On the other hand, it looks like Dann is gearing for the long political fight that Dems have dreaded.

The comments section is now open for rampant speculation about what Jennings may have done wrong to earn this trip (his second, by my count) to the doghouse.


Ben said...

I dont think there is any question that Dann is digging in for the time being. Doesnt look like he plans to go away quietly.

redhorse said...

agreed, his heels are deep.