Thursday, April 24, 2008

Elephant Wars: Arshinkoff Moves Against Tacky Restaurant

From TeamCoughlin today comes word that Arshinkoff is threatening the owner of Tangier, a.k.a. Vegas Without Slots:

    The Chairman of the Summit County Republican Party has threatened to cancel the party's Central Committee organizational meeting at Akron's Tangier restaurant if his rival for the chairmanship is allowed to hold a reception on site.

    Alex Arshinkoff called Tangier owner Ed George today, saying he would pull the Central Committee event scheduled for Wednesday March 30 unless George cancelled rival Carol Klinger's reception, scheduled just before the Central Committee meets. George informed Klinger by phone that her event was being cancelled.
The presser goes on to recount Arshinkoff's latest maneuvers. Matt Hurley has reproduced the entire thing, as does New Summit Repubs. (And yes, Ed George is her husband. For whatever reason, the Tangier finds itself as the focal point of many Akron dramas.)

First, the big news -- TeamCoughlin is emailing me again. Not sure to what I owe the honor.

More important -- what it all means. Like their arguments before, this latest example of Arshinkoff's high-handed, manipulative (and we can add "petty" to the list) cuts both ways. On the one hand, plenty of Republicans would like to be done with all this once and for all. It's a reminder to members of the Central Committee of what awaits any who oppose Alex if they are unsuccessful in the effor to unseat him.


Anonymous said...

it's not's smart politics. why give the coughlin-jones camp the ability to schmooze for votes before the vote????

that's the last thing you want to happen. in addition, before the tangier's was reserved, the party had an agreement with george no other groups would be allowed to have it. arshinkoff should have walked and said if you are going to break your agreement with us, thenwe will have the dinner at another location...

Anonymous said...

Coughlin-Jones? Carol Klinger camp is more like it. Coughlin isn't running for chair.

Anonymous said...


When you say petty do you mean petty like don varian's first act on the board of elections was voting with the democrats and firing coughlin's former campaign managers girlfirend??

Petty like that?

Anonymous said...

There they go again, the Tin-Foil hat crowd vomiting pure propaganda as useual. maria and her direct supervisor/son stevie were HELL to work with, ask the people who had to. I hope her little boy likes being a ticket taker at the Aero's stadium. Hey stevie feel like turning informant for the FBI for all the felonies you and mummy committed while you worked on the taxpayers nickle for alexis. The petty tyrant. Sorry for being a noisy malcontent folks but when alexis gets on the message boards and its becomes like walking thru a sewer in downtown Akron during a rain storm there has to be a reply. As far as the chick with the built in pontoons she was working with bryan williams in holding back on The Reform for Change candidates petitions to have them checked a third time while a lot of alexis supporters petitions were only checked once and good ol' alexis and diamond jack were ram-rodding those thru at the board meetings. Folks if you want to hear alexis in style just listen to him theaten a Hudson City councilman, it is on tape its him in full form, and as for that campaign manager, one word "INCOMPETANT"