Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jay-Z Has LeBron's Back

Via TNR's The Spine, we learn from Vulture that uber-mogul Jay-Z has cut a quick diss about the LeBron James/DeShawn Stevenson spat:

    It all started when Stevenson started talking jive about Jay-Z’s main man LeBron James, whose Cavaliers are currently taking on the Wizards in a first-round playoff series. LeBron responded that such a move was like Soulja Boy taking on Jay-Z, which prompted Stevenson to invite Mr. Boy himself to game three of the series in D.C. Jay then responded with the track, which was played Friday in a D.C. club and hit the Internet yesterday.
You can find it here on Kanye West's blog.

By the way, the fact that New York-based Jay Z is boys with LeBron and cut the track and included the lines:
    [censored] he's overrated?
    If anything they underpaid him
Constitutes Exhibit 537438 proving that LeBron will be gone when his contract is up.