Monday, April 16, 2007

Tasty Links -- Weekend Catch-up

As you may have guessed from the quiet, I had a busy weekend. I didn't even have that much surf time, but here's what I gleaned.

By the way, I did have time for a little blog maintenance -- namely putting the blogroll of Ohio placebloggers back up. Thanks to the regular who emailed to point out that it was still down. Two more lists to go.


Eric said...

Thanks for the link to Lawriter's new ORC & OAC. Now that perusing the ORC & OAC is such a pleasure, will be see more people asking, "In fulfilling the duties of citizenship, do teachers become positive role models who instill ethical principles and democratic ideals in all district pupils?"

Or maybe not.

akron notary said...

What is a 'placeblogger'?

Pho said...

A placeblog is a blog that concentrates attention on a particular place -- usually a city, sometimes a neighborhood or a block. You can read up on Placeblogger.