Friday, April 13, 2007

Local Voice Ohio Organized to Oppose S.B. 117

Free Press, in today's news feed, noted the newly launched website of Local Voice Ohio, a coalition organized to oppose a bill that would sharply limit the authority of local governments to negotiate cable franchise agreement. Bill Callahan has been the lead voice on this issue in the blogosphere -- start with his post on the Ohio legislation, then work back through the links to get the gist and keep up on his site as he covers developments. I covered the initial legislation as best I could here. Also, Bill has a post up about the LVO website.

The Local Voice Ohio site is a work in progress -- they have a myths and facts page up which will tell you little if you don't already understand the issue. Meanwhile, the basic issue page is Coming Soon.

Still, if they fill in the content, it should be a good site. They have a newsletter sign-up, a donation page, and a list of current coalition partners. Bottom line is, when faced with an issue this obscure, the opposition often gets trampled before they can even begin to get organized. This coalition looks like the beginnings of an effective force. We will see where it leads.