Thursday, April 12, 2007

Programming Notes

On the sidebar, I finally added a link list of conservative bloggers to replace the one eaten in the Great Template Change Massacre. Conservative bloggers linking to me have been more than patient. I believe I got everyone, but if you link and I missed you, get in touch.

I also added Folk Alley to my Favorite Things list -- another effect of sitting at the KSU table at Press Club. I'll be adding Tough Sledding to the Akron Area roll soon. By the way, be sure to read Slednik's very warm and interesting comment to my post about his on writing and blogging.

I'm doing these things because it's what my brain can handle. I mentioned earlier that Kid Z hosted her first-ever slumber party this week. Happily, I got more sleep than the girls did. Unhappily, that's not saying much. Add in some work work and I pretty much hit a wall mentally today. I'd still like to get some posts up with reaction to Ben McConnell, Stephen Dubner and even a little more on AdNEO. Unfortunately, I wasn't up to it today.

Which is one reason why, if you scroll down, you will see a post about pickles.


Anonymous said...


At your prompting, I went back to read my own "warm" comments on your "bad writing" post. Two typos in the comment. I pray none of my students find it. Sheesh!

Scott Piepho said...

I'll never tell.