Tuesday, April 03, 2007


We're Number Two because of the three. Florida went 10 for 18. OSU went 4 for 23. More than one of Florida's threes ended an Ohio State rally and pulled Florida more than two scores away. And more than one looked like it went in only because God willed it.

Not a fun game to watch. Probably less painful than the football game because, in this case, we lost to the better team.

So take a quick breath and now baseball season has started.


ohdave said...

Why is it that every team we played in the tourney was unconcious from beyond the three? I mean, go back and look at what X and UT did from 3 point range.

I'm not a Thad basher, but I do wish he had used the zone more. I thought throughout the tournament we were more effective defensively when we used the zone.

Say goodbye to Oden, but the really great news was Conley saying he was staying. He is a stud.