Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tasty Links for 4/6/07

Latest links saved on Visit the list on the sidebar for actual linkage. In light of demgal's comment to the inaugural post, I should point out that the links don't mean that I agree with all or even part of the article. I just find the article interesting and worthy of an extra plug.

  • Even as Africa Hungers, Policy Slows Delivery of U.S. Food Aid - New York Times
  • TNR - Bet you can't report this story--the case against citizen journalism
  • The Evangelical Surprise - The New York Review of Books
  • Plain Dealer Metro News: AP teachers must also make the grade
  • - Ontario schools sued over Web link supporting education funding amendment
  • McClatchy's deal with Yahoo opens doors - Yahoo! News
  • Beacon Journal | 04/06/2007 | Charter school faces delay
  • Right Wing Watch: Blackwell Ignoring Ohio Voters’ 37 Percent Solution
  • Free Press : How to Become the 'King' of Hyper-Local News
  • Toledo Blade Ran Doctored Photo On Front Page