Friday, April 06, 2007

New Feature: Tasty Highlights

As you may have noted, I have a link list on my sidebar. I do this out of the frustration that there are so many stories out there deserving of a broad audience and commentary. These are generally the stories I don't have time to post about. is a nice tool because it allows me to post links with just a few clicks. For those of you haven't tried to do this sort of thing, embedding links is maddeningly time consuming and tedious.

In order to bump up the use of the link list, I'm going to try to feature the day's new links in a post around mid-day. I won't be embedding the links -- just look over to the sidebar to find your click-throughs. But I do want to offer a little tickle to anyone, like me, who doesn't always remember to look on the sidebar.

So here they are for today:

  • The Columbus Dispatch : Bill's aim is to ease big pain for docs

  • Beacon Journal | 04/06/2007 | State's school budget doesn't add up

  • PD - Brunner issues Ohio voter ID rules

  • Beacon Journal | Sen. Sherrod Brown hears farmers' woes

  • New Urgency in Debating Health Care - New York Times


Demgal said...

Nice links! Here's a suggestion for the insurance companies whining about proposed legislation (Columbus Dispatch) to reduce paperwork for docs and require insurance companies to keep them updated on changes.

Agree, Ohio legislators should be focusing on covering the uninsured this session. I strongly suggest they pass legislation based on a single payer health insurance system through Medicaid or Medicare. Should save the insurance companies lots of headaches and put them where they belong - the unemployment line.