Monday, April 09, 2007

Tasty Links, 4/9/07

Today Kid Z starts her Spring Break. As usual when kids are about, blogging time is limited. I have been keeping up with the bookmarks on, however. As always, the clickable links are to the right. Hopefully something a little more original up tonight.

  • Housing Slump Pinches States in Pocketbook - New York Times
  • Writes Like She Talks: What gives with Dayton Politics blog?
  • Callahan’s Cleveland Diary » Blog Archive » Do you like pork? How about bacon?
  • CD | Joe Hallett: Strickland and his team have wasted no time going on offense
  • PD - Safeguard choice
  • -- Ohio lags, Michigan thrives in start-ups by immigrants
  • The Columbus Dispatch : Critics want reprieve for some charters
  • Bill seeks to cut school building costs
  • Beacon Journal | Towpath planning hits snag in Akron
  • Dover-New Phila. Times-Reporter | Downtown dreams: Wooster flourishing under Main Street Ohio program – Can Phila, Dover expect the same?


S. said...

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