Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hillary Keynoting ODP Dinner

I’m sure some blogger somewhere noted that Hillary would be the keynote speaker at the ODP dinner before today, but somehow I missed it. Whoever got this up first, apologies. I learned when the PD reported it today.

At this point it looks unlikely that I will be able to make this one. I have a family commitment so commanding that I can’t even ask directly about getting out of it. Which is a pity. Seeing Hillary give the keynote would be a fascinating study in contrasts after the pandemonium roused by Barack Obama’s speech last year.

Unlike many bloggers, I do not hate, or even intensely dislike Hillary. In fact, I quite liked Hillary the First Lady. Early on in Clinton’s Presidency, Mrs. Clinton had a tendency to be direct to the point of blunt. It pissed a lot of people off, but I loved it. Partly I loved it because she pissed off people who needed it, but mostly I loved it because I can relate. Don’t believe me? Go back and read a few archived posts.

I liked that Hillary. Hillary the politician, all smoothed over and consulted upon I like less. Depite that, I’m not against Hillary because I’m against her. I just don’t think she could possibly win a general election. A full explication of that is for another post.

I’m open to any evidence to the contrary, which is why I’d like to see her live. It seems just listening to buzz, that Hillary’s support is broad and thin. I know people who support her, but I know no one who is energized by her candidacy the way people are by Obama or Edwards or even the dreaded Koosh. She is a fairly flat, uninspiring speaker who generates commensurately tepid response.

Hopefully, someone with a blog will make it there and can take the temperature of the room. I don’t see a blogswarm for a comp table this year, though.


Anonymous said...

Pho, do you have any idea how badly either Hillary or Obama would get beaten up in the Electoral College?

Did you know there's a scenario floating around on the net in which Hillary carries Ohio and Pennsylvania (both of which are economically disaffected Rust Belt states) and still loses because she fails to carry Minnesota? Kerry had significant problems there last time because of the degree to which Minneapolis has turned Republican over the last decade.

Do you foresee any circumstances under which Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could carry Florida? I don't. Edwards might but he'll never get the chance. He's already too far behind in the fund raising. I think he's another Gephardt...and that's not a particularly flattering reference.

We're gonna end up with another Republican, almost by default. There are simply too many people who would climb through five miles of shit to vote against either one of these people: Hillary because of the scandals and the war and Obama because he went to Muslim schools and doesn't have the credentials for the job.

And after 2010, there'll be another which Ohio and Pennsylvania will lose several Electoral votes each to southern states.

accuwrite said...

Gee rootvg, I thought the 2007 election was before the 2010 census.