Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tasty Links, 4/10/07

Right now (around 1:30) del.icio.us hasn't fed my new links. You can visit my links page by clicking on the link to the right if they still aren't up.

We are hosting Kid Z's first slumber party tonight, so not a lot of time to blog. Hoping to get to a few things tonight. In the meantime, read and discuss:

  • Silent 'Holy War' Being Waged Among Christians, Says Commentator | Christianpost.com

  • The Columbus Dispatch : Move would keep vouchers 'Most E-Mailed' List Tearing New York Times' Newsroom Apart | The Onion
  • Iraq: Why the media failed | Salon h/t Media Bistro

  • How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job - WSJ.com h/t Media Bistro
  • Radar Online | Television Employer Without Pity h/t Media
  • Conservative activists fear war dwarfing social agenda - The Boston Globe H/t Faith in Public Life
  • The Revealer: The NYT Plays "Where's Sadr?" h/t Faith in Public Life
  • A new look at a holy text | Chicago Tribune h/t Faith in Public Life
  • PD - Controversial Blade photographer quits
  • PD - Ohio cyber school wins over critics
  • Plain Dealer Metro News: Strickland rejects contract recommendation


redhorse said...

tasty, but not so much as your posting.

darn spring break. ;)

hope the babies are treating you well.