Saturday, February 11, 2006


Because blogger kept crashing this week, I kept either forgetting to post this or remembering when the blog was down. Two events this afternoon if you are in the area looking for a politics fix.

Paul Hackett in Akron. Hot off his drove–into-the-wall, Sherrod Brown-trashing performance last week, the blogosphere’s favorite Marine is penetrating deep into enemy territory. Hackett will be at CafĂ© Momus from 3-5 tomorrow, February 11.

Ted Strickland HQ Opening. Strickland and inexplicable running mate Lee Fisher will attend the opening of their Northeast Ohio headquarters, also tomorrow, from 4-7. The HQ is at 1400 W. 25th St. – corner of Detroit and W. 25th.

For myself, it is unlikely I'll make either as Kid T and I have a Tet celebration to attend.


Anonymous said...

This is Drdemocrat.

Wow, Hackett is deep in Brown territory. This should be very interesting.

Hackett has changed is tune since last weekend's forum frontal assault on Brown. He stopped the Sherrod bashing and is focusing on why voters should vote for him. Check out his speech at the opening his Columbus headquarters on Much improved.

Probably the best thing to happen to Hackett's campaign was him "bombing" in that forum. It appears that his campaign has re-focused and re-grouped to a better Hackett.

Anonymous said...

Hackett is campaigning in Akron Ohio in a cafe on BROWN street. I couldn't have created this interesting irony if I had tried.

Anonymous said...

Is that in Brown's district?

Anonymous said...

On "open", the Cleveland Plain Dealer gossip blog, they said that there were about 3 dozen Latino protestors at Strickland's opening in Cleveland because of his "Strong border/anti-terrorism" vote in the House.

He handled it pretty well.

I think that Strickland is conservative enough to win states wide in Ohio. I can't say the same for Brown though.

Pho said...

To the third Anonymouse:

FYI, the cafe itself looks like it's just over the line. Akron was pretty much vivisected in the last redistricting, with no logical dividing line, so being in this part or that part of Akron is pretty irrelevant.

By the way, if the Anonymice could sign some kind of handle (thanks, DrDem), it would make responding easier and would be appreciated.