Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scenes from a Blogging Life

People find the blog. People find the blog and contact me. The first dozen or so times it happened, it was a thrill, but I thought I was getting jaded. Then Monday I got an email from Kellie Patterson. She is a recently elected Cuyahoga Falls School Board member who started a blog last month. She complimented me on the blog -- even this post that questioned CFSD's new faux-Life Skills charter schools.

Because of the new gig, I emailed back, hoping to set up a meeting. I also Googled her, finding this ABJ article on her insurgent campaign and upset victory, and this School Board page with a picture. I didn't get a reply before heading to bed.

So yesterday I went down to Columbus for an all-day PTA event about charter schools. I got there late, settled in, started listening to Brian Williams. And I notice that sitting three rows up is . . . Kellie Patterson. The event was mostly about hearing folks talk, so she and I only conversed briefly.

Kellie's blog is very new and fairly edgy, describing behavior of the Board she sits on that flirts with violating the Sunshine laws. I'm not sure where her blog will take the reader, but it promises to be a interesting trip. So I've added her to the Stark/Summit blogroll.

In addition you can find new Akron blog Peanut Butter Knife which has 'rolled the Pages. I'm working on a category of law blogs and adding some new campaign sites, so keep an eye out for that.

And if you want to have a conversation about school finance, drop me a line. We may meet up sooner than either of us thinks.


54cermak said...

Pho, Thanks for adding me! Your blog is one of my favorites in NEO.

John Ettorre said...

Your thoughtful writing and refreshingly adult perspective on things is a breath of fresh air. I think you're nothing less than the best, most interesting new blog voice in NEOhio. I look forward to reading your take for many years to come.

Pho said...

John and 54:

Thanks for the kind words. I do my best. Having votes of confidence has been a real boost this trying week.