Friday, February 03, 2006

Shuffling for Ten

Monstrous Mash Edition

Thanks to everyone who sent kind words about the Jim Petro post. It's amazing what comes into your head when most of your fiction reading consists of bedtime stories. Anyway, I had so much fun putting that together, I forgot the Friday ritual. Here it is with 30 minutes to spare:

1. "Wafflehead," Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
2. "Bonnie," James Monrow and the Midnight Ramblers
3. "Always Late (With Your Kisses)," Dwight Yoakum
4. "Marjorine," Joe Cocker
5. "Peaches and Cream," Beck
6. "Natural Blues," Moby
7. "Boulevard of Broken Songs," Dean Gray
8. "Rapxodi so 2 (Rhapsodie No. 2.)," Hanoi Philharmonic Orchestra
9. "Women's Prison," Loretta Lynn
10. "Sail Away," Neil Young

A couple of debuts. Dean Gray "American Edit" is a mashup of Green Day's "American Idiot." "Boulevard is one of the best-realized remixes in the collection, merging Green Day, Oasis, Aerosmith and a rapper I can't place. "Making Boulevard of Broken Dreams" just listenable is an accomplishment in my book. A blogrollee/comment contributor who will remain nameless posted American Edit on his site a while back and yes, I'm as shocked at his blatant disregard for copyright laws as you are. I just downloaded the entire thing because I was collecting evidence. Anyway, it's not there anymore, but you can probably Google "American Edit." Or if you're local and into some vigilante copyright enforcement of your own and need a copy of the evidence, I suppose something could be arranged . . .

The Hanoi Orchestra piece is from a disc I picked up when I was there to get Kid T. Fitting for that to show up, this being the season of Tet.