Friday, February 10, 2006


"Stalked by Tragedy" edition

1. "I'm Just Lonely," Kelly Willis
2. "I Ain't Got No Heart," Mothers of Invention
3. "Cold Shot," Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
4. "Grace," Jeff Buckley
5. "Wicked Rain," Los Lobos
6. "I'm Set Free," Velvet Underground
7. "Couldn't Get Ahead," The Fall
8. "Rudie Can't Fail," The Clash
9. "Johnny Ryall," Beastie Boys
10. "Come as You Are," Nirvana

The mode today is Artists Who Died in their Prime. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain, all gone with so much left unsaid. Add to that Frank Zappa and Joe Strummer each dying relatively young, and the list is pretty much a downer.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty good list, but if you're looking for people who died in their prime you need some Elliot Smith on there! Also Nick Drake only made three magical albums before moving on. Or Ian Curtis, but I'm stopping now before I think of another dozen and get depressed.