Sunday, February 12, 2006

New on the Sidebar

Thanks to Model500, I now have Debbie Phillips' website. Currently a bio/mission statement with more to come. (Debbie was supposed to tell me when it was up but, in retrospect, probably decided not to mix her campaign with my new employment.)

I have to give Model some love. It's one thing to be an iconoclast and therefore a blogger. It's quite another to be an iconoclast among bloggers. Model dares to go where few go, with such against-the-current opinions as: Sherrod Brown is not the Devil, the MSM sometimes does not irredeemably and Ken Blackwell might know enough about election law to avoid taking an illegal campaign contribution.

Model has in particular gotten heat for liking the Plain Dealer's OPEN. He has added it to his roll, and I'm finding it sufficiently compelling to do the same. On OPEN you get lots of gossipy, inside-baseball breaking stories, but not much in the way of analysis. And OPEN put me on their blogroll so, well, you know. . .

Model also likes Steve Hoffman's blog which, though it is still maddeningly uncontaminated by references to other blogs, has improved. If for no other reason than this post about Cafaro, I begrudingly add it as well. But of course, he is not yet a Phriend.

An Ohio blog first -- two blogs focusing on one Congressional race. Ohio 13 Votes is a bi-partisan view-from-the-armchair blog on my home district.

NixGuy is a conservative blogger from the Cincinnati suburbs. He liked the post on Jim Petro's week so much he blogged about it and added me to his blogroll. His is the sort of conservative blog I can respect -- thoughtful, thought-provoking and non-rabid -- so I'm happy to add him in turn. As you know, at the Akron Pages, blogrolling is logrolling.

I've been reading Crooked Timber when I get the chance. It's a group blog by an eclectic collection of academics. You never know what you will wander into.