Tuesday, February 07, 2006

House 44: Patrick Bravo Is In

Word comes (via a fundraising invite forwarded by county Dems) that one Patrick Bravo is running for the Democratic nomination to succeed Barbara Sykes in the 44th House District. I've been trying to run down information about him. Bravo's website doesn't tell us much. He's apparently had time to write position blurbs, but not a bio. What I've heard so far is that he's young and . . . white.

Conventional wisdom says 44 is not only a Dem seat, it's a Black seat. As it happens, I attended a meeting tonight about tweaking the conventional wisdom on race and politics in Akron, but this is one instance where I expect it to hold. Nonetheless, Bravo appears to be more than just testing waters: his fundraiser is scheduled for Feb. 16 -- the day petitions are due.

The field now swells to three: William Green, Vernon Sykes (Barbara's husband) and Bravo. This may turn out to be an interesting contest after all.


Anonymous said...

While the primary may become interesting as political theater, Vernon Sykes should somambulate through this and back to the statehouse.

Anonymous said...

It's official! I have, in fact, filed peititions for State Representative for the 44th Distict.
I apologize for an incomplete website, some details have become more of a work in progress. I will see to it that the website is completed as soon as possible, but no later than Friday.
I will be 29 in April, and I am currently finishing my 2nd year of law school at UAkron, and first year in the Master's in Public Administration program. I am a graduate assistant in the Dept. of Public Administration, and have been a certified police officer for 7 years. I am a graduate of Kent State University with a double in Psychology and Justice Studies.
I appreciate the difficulty that this race presents running against a former representative with 20 years of experience. But I believe this race is about more than that, and a progressive message is what I hope to bring across to the residents of the 44th District. Although redhorse feels that Vernon will somnambulate through this race, I plan to ensure that it is not that easy. I hope that others will join me in the excitement of this race and the possibilities it offers for the forward movement of the democratic party.