Saturday, May 31, 2008

Worst Hyperbole Ever

Nothing is more important to the protests at the DNC than credibility. The protesters insist that their effort is only about principle, not straw-grasping Hillary advocacy.

It doesn't help the credibility story when an organizer of one of the groups protesting calls the W years "The worst eight years in the history of our country, bar none."

OK, it's a small point, but can we have a little perspective here? Bad, yes. One of the worst presidents, yes. But the worst eight years?

We've had a civil war in this county for God's sake. We endured a world depression during which Americans ate grass to survive. Nothing in the Bush years rivals Vietnam, Watergate and violent resistance to the civil rights movement individually, much less all three together from 1964-72. For that matter, any eight years during the slavery era, the Jim Crow era and/or the conquest of Native Americans stain American history more than anything happened in the aughts.

Ms. Campasono, this is obviously a cry for help. I'm a longtime sufferer from Bush derangement syndrome. You can only overcome it one day at a time. Just don't pick up the first issue of The Nation, and Easy Does It.