Monday, May 12, 2008

Hillary Hitting the Creative Math Again

Got this All Hands on Deck notice in the ebag from Terry McCauliff:

    Dear Pho,

    The West Virginia primary is just a few days away, and we need you on the phones!

    Hillary is within striking distance of winning the popular vote nationwide -- a key part of our plan to win the nomination. That means we need every last vote we can get in West Virginia on Tuesday and in the races to follow.
Striking distance of the popular vote? That sounds odd, given that she most recently lost North Carolina by double digits and won Indiana by only a fistful of votes. The answer, probably, comes from Larry Sabato. An article on Sabato's Crystal Ball discusses the many different ways one can calculate the popular vote. As you look at the chart reproduced below, bear in mind that Hillary's reasoning for both prolonging the primary and seating the Michigan and Florida delegatins is that every vote should count:

Given TeamHillary's strategy of dismissing the legitimacy of caucuses, the number McCauliff is looking at is no doubt the top one. In the end game, the actual tag line will be "Every vote should count except those votes in caucuses But if we get to within an arguable statistical dead heat, only the votes in swing states should count."

She should be congratulated for one thing. No matter how many times she makes the argument, the magnitude of the intellectual dishonesty remains stunning.