Saturday, May 31, 2008

Puerto Rico Tomorrow

Yes, Puerto Rico has their primary, for reasons unclear to anyone given that they don't vote in national elections. My guess is that it's about appealing to stateside Latinos, but whatever.

Anyway, Anthony and I had words about the primary earlier this week. I would add to all this that Hillary supporters have had their own fun with goal posts, for example arguing that supers should follow polls of Democratic voters (back when Hillary was leading them) and dismissing Obama's success in red states. If there was logical consistency on Planet Hillary, the beings there would not use the results in a territory with no electoral votes as the basis of an argument, but there isn't, so they will.

A few sources if you want to follow along. CQ Politics has answered 5 FAQs. Apparently an urban legend is percolating that the primary is winner-take-all. In fact it's proportional rep, just like all the rest. WaPo gives the rumor their Pinnocchio treatment. Also here's a general backgrounder with past results in Puerto Rican elections.

Finally, there hasn't been much polling, but the latest shows Hillary up 20 points.


Ben said...

I think it is kind of dumb that people who dont vote in the national election vote in a primary for the same election.