Monday, May 05, 2008

Dann Defiant. Leading Dems Letter Posted

AkronNewsNow has the letter from Strickland et al. posted. Here's the passage on impeachment:

    We also want to make you aware that if you do not choose to resign, Democratic members of the Ohio House of Representatives will immediately introduce a resolution seeking your impeachment
ONN is reporting at this minute that Dann sent a letter out in response saying he will continue as AG. That letter begins by assuring the statewide electeds who signed that they will continue to receive high-quality legal representation. (I'm not sure Dann is reading their concerns accurately.) The balance reads more like an open letter to employees of the AGs office to keep at it.


Anonymous said...

How did Montgomery lose to this guy. I mean she was a crummy auditor, but a stand up AG.

Anonymous said...

Was the Monday morning resignation deadline today? Or a week from today? I'm confused.

Unknown said...

It is time to begin speculation about Dann’s successor. My first thought is that Strickland should pick a respected female judge or former judge. Secretary of State (and former common pleas judge) Jennifer Brunner comes to mind, but appointing her would mean a special election for both AG and her successor as SoS. Since the Secretary of State is an important member of the reapportionment board, I think that appointment is unlikely, even if she would be a terrific appointee.

Subodh Chandra (beat by Dann in the 06 primary) is unlikely, I think, even though this may be a good year for guys with funny names. Attorney and current higher ed czar Eric Fingerhut should also be on the short list.

Other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

While we're cleaning out those who don't follow the law . . .

Could the Gov have moved Ray Miller from the signature line to being a co-recipient with Dann?

Really, why is it that scandal involving sex is always the taboo, but the scandal of thumbing your nose at campaign finance laws for YEARS isn't at the same level?