Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dann Replacement: Jeff Has the Cordray Scenario

Jeff Coryell reports hearing the following scenario:

    * Strickland's Chief Legal Counsel Kent Markus will be appointed interim Attorney General following Dann's resignation or removal but will not run for election in November;

    * Treasurer Rich Cordray will run for Attorney General in the special election without giving up his current post; and,

    * If Cordray wins the special election he will then give up his seat and Strickland will appoint a replacement, presumably a high-profile county treasurer and/or an officeholder with statewide campaign experience. From my northeast Ohio perspective, Cuyahoga County Jim Rokakis and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher come immediately to mind but there are many others who would fit the bill.

That is consistent with the rumor I've heard, reported here. It's also amazingly good politics as Cordray is an unassailably solid candidate and the Dems risk only one seat instead of two. The only unfortunate aspects are A) that Cordray won't have six months or so to clean up Marc's Mess and B) Subodh isn't part of the mix.


Ed Esposito said...

Pho, I've heard the top fiscal guy in Montgomery County is also getting some attention as a possible state Treasurer should the Cordray scenario play out...