Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cuy Co. Rs Response to O'Malley Mess, Annotated

The Cuyahoga County Republican Party sent a presser to the Carnival mailbox about the scandal surrounding disgraced County Recorder Pat O'Malley. Here it is, with some thoughts

    Chairman Rob Frost of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County remarked today on the guilty plea entered by County Recorder Patrick O‘Malley on federal obscenity charges. Chairman Frost stated, —O‘Malley‘s guilt on these disturbing charges comes as no surprise, considering his lack of leadership and disgraceful behavior as a public official whose career has been marred by corruption and brazen patronage.
Wha . . .? Not surprising? Because political corruption and pedophilia go hand in hand? Did anyone actually read this before it went out?

Tom Noe is probably the most corrupt figure to afflict Ohio politics in a generation. Yet, if he had kiddie porn on his computer I would be genuinely surprised. And I would go around saying "Well, there go those corrupt Republicans again."
    Whatever the federal authorities expose, it is obvious that the Democratic Party has embarrassed and failed Cuyahoga County citizens, in particular through the unethical behavior of County Prosecutor Bill Mason in supporting and shielding fellow Democrat O‘Malley for years. It is clear that Mason could not protect his old college roommate from the FBI and federal prosecutors who are willing to do their jobs.
Well, Bill Mason is on his own. This annotation isn't going to carry his water. The investigation will reveal what it reveals and, if it drives him out of office, the House of Pho won't exactly be hanging a mourning wreath
    O‘Malley‘s resignation was both necessary and welcome, yet it is disappointing to realize that any appointee to fill a vacancy in the Recorder office will most certainly be another Democrat collaborator,which would only perpetuate the current reality of deceitful and corrupt leadership that has failed our county over the past 20 years.“
Yes, and truly disappointing to consider that the Republican Party hasn't had the chance to fail Cuyahoga County like it did the rest of Ohio. And shocking to think that with a communications strategy like this, people in Cuy.Co aren't buying what the local party is selling.
    Two-term former North Royalton Mayor Cathy Luks, who is slated to run against O‘Malley in this year‘s election, commented on the breaking story today, —Regardless of my opponent, I am focused on the need for reform of our county government. It is time for effective change in Cuyahoga County, and I am the only candidate who can bring ethical leadership to the office and restore public confidence in our government.
OK, this is how to respond to this kind of scandal. Mayor Luks brings the discussion back to reality. It's a shame her well-drafted comments had to appear side by side with the embarrassing driven put out by her party.

By the way, in the ProgOh story linked above, O'Malley expresses the hope that he won't go to prison. Um, pack your toothbrush, Pat. The sentencing guidelines say you must go, and a cantankerous former prosecutor like Judge Dowd isn't going to buck the guidelines on your account.


Jill said...

Scott, I thought the exact same thing re: Luks. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

In response to the phrase "political corruption and pedophilia go hand in hand."

To say that political corruption and pedophilia go hand in hand is absurd. I would be embarrased to publicize such an igorant statement.

First of all, O'malley loves women and is a known womanizer which is hardly a component of pedophilia. As sensible people we need not believe what we read and hardly anything we see.

I worked for the Plain Dealer for many years, and I personally know first hand about exaggerated news stories. Most reporters are truly ruthless and will go to extreme measures just to make a column.

The problem with politics are not the parties themselves but, rather the voters. Ignorance is abominable to say the least. Our society has become so passive aggressive. We give lip service but do nothing, Democracy has truly lost it's meaning.

You all are so eager to criticize Mr. O'Malley but, I guess everyone forgot about the rest of the big boys who really caused an "obscenity" remember the new county building???did anyone bother to ask them where's the money, where is it? really what happened? How come the FBI does not investigate them????Think about it real hard....if you want to come down on an official look at some real important issues...let's face it, let's be down to earth...I bet a lot of the officials have viewed porn on their home computers.
Mr. O'Malley's crime is:He pissed off the wrong people and got set up.

How do I know? Well, I work for the good ole government too! For a long time, once you do your time working for the system, you even know where the bodies are buried.

Scott Piepho said...


Foolish as it may be for me to treat a commenter harshly, given how few I have, but yer a fuckin idiot.

The quote you take issue with at the top of your comment is my sardonic characterization of the foolishness of the CCGOP's press release. It was in no way a position I was endorsing.

When you make such an elementary error in reading comprehension at the top of your comment, the wise reader disregards the balance of it.