Friday, May 23, 2008

Assassinating Herself in the Foot

Hillary Clinton, you no doubt know by now, invoked the assassination of Robert Kennedy in the course of a fairly incoherent explanation of why she's still in the race, then apologized.

Hillary's remark was on a What-the-*@%#-Were-You-Thinking level of bad, but let's not get hysterical. Oh, sorry, misogyny again. Let's not get, um, overwrought. The argument that she invoked the RFK assassination to justify staying in the race in case Obama is assassinated is just silly. After all, she doesn't need to be actively campaigning to be the obvious go-to should something terrible occur to the nominee. She mentioned the assassination as a temporal benchmark to reinforce her point that the campaign was still happening in June.

I don't have lots of sympathy for Clinton as the remark is misinterpreted. It's part of the game that if you say something stupid, you open yourself up. But nonetheless, it should be noted that suggesting Barack may be assassinated almost certainly wasn't her intent. We can take her at her word [grin.]

By the way: 1968, Dems at each others throats through the convention. Who won that year, anyone know?

Sadly, the furor over her assassination mention drowns out what is really outrageous in the talk -- her assertion that she is just perplexed as to why anyone would ask that she leave the race. And her dark mutterings about the "motives" that such people may harbor.

Hows this for motive, Mrs. Clinton: WE WANT TO WIN. We want to stop with this water torture campaign and start going after John McCain in earnest. We want to bring the party back together. We want the nominee's campaign to concentrate on putting together the organization for November.

You are in the way of all of that. You are in the way, despite the fact that you are not going to win, loser. And any time you crack that knowing grin and talk about how you won't speculate about "motivation" you drive the life forms on Planet Hillary farther away from the party. Does all of that clarify the picture for you? Are you less perplexed now?



Chris Baker said...

Not really an apology.

Scott Piepho said...

I noticed the weakness of the apology as well, but thanks for the link. There's only so many points you can make in one post.