Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boccieri Reverses Field on Dann

H/t Swing State Project which hosts a cross-post from Boccieri's campaign blog. Here's Sen. Boccieri's statement:

    "I am outraged that the Attorney General of the state of Ohio has neglected the duty and honor of public service," Senator Boccieri said. "The cronyism and lack of attentiveness to protocol and detail in Attorney General Dann's hiring practices has led us to this tragic moment in Ohio's history. I feel for his wife Alyssa and his children, who must endure the embarrassment he has caused to them, and the people of the state of Ohio.

    "We support the ongoing investigation to determine whether any criminal lines have been crossed. However, after combing through the sordid details of the investigation transcripts, it is clear that ethical and moral lines have been disregarded. For this reason, I call upon Marc Dann to resign immediately."

Boccieri will take a hit from this as it's a sharp departure from his equivocal statement Friday, reported here. (By the way, the Repository evidently changes urls when moving stories to the archives, so you can find the original story here now.) The blow isn't fatal; Boccieri can say he hadn't read the report yet. Still it's a blow to a candidate in a tough election.

There will be plenty more collateral damage before this is all over.


Anonymous said...

Scott, has it ever occurred to you why there's so much white collar crime and corruption in a little bitty place like Ohio?

It's because it's becoming harder and harder to make a decent living there.

We've had this discussion before. This is about NE Ohio's business culture, a slavish attachment to home rule and (bottom line) a whole lot of oldsters remaining in positions of authority or control who don't want change of any kind.

So, those of you who stuck around after college have to suffer.

That's disgusting.

Mencken said...

While I'll agree it's a tough go out there sometimes, I've never considered crime as a business growth strategy. Does Discover Ohio have any brochures I can send away for so I can learn more about these exciting new business opportunities ?

Anonymous said...

I don't see that there is any more of this kind of crime in Ohio as there is any other place. And if people opened their minds to taking some risks, there are plenty of opportunities to make a very good living in NEO. Especially college grads. I see this everyday.