Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm Back. Did I Miss Anything

Ninety final grades, a catch-up nap and a working lunch later, I'm more or less back on the job. Just a quick look at the Google Reader and -- Holy Sh!t.

So elsewhere with you if you haven't been keeping up on the Dann drama. A few quick, and fairly obvious takes. Apologies for anyone who has said the following elsewhere; I'm not entirely caught up on blog reading:

  • Dann's offer to resign if the IG doesn't investigate pretty much confirms that there is something worth investigating.
  • It also confirms that Dann's overriding concern is to soften his landing. Rumors have been circulating about Dem politicos shopping him to big law firms (who, funny thing, aren't interested in acquiring a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered colleague with zipper problems and an outsized sense of entitlement. Huh.)
  • Dann's most likely concern now is his law license. He can be impeached for grossly mismanaging the office and failing to correct violations of Federal fair employment laws, but none of that is likely to get his ticket punched. Whatever the IG finds on his computer might.
  • The other side of this is the rumors that Dann is threatening to reveal where other bodies are buried if the fading chimera of a soft landing fails to materialize. That's pretty much the only hole card he has at this point. Time will tell if it's enough to motivate the Dems . . .
  • And regardless of whether it does or not, the R's have a lot to say about all this and it's in their interest to see this drag out, unless Dann has maps of some of their bodies as well.
A couple other bits. Hearty congrats to Jeff Coryell for being named to the Democratic convention's State Blogger Corps.

Good analysis of Hillary's West Virginia blow-0ut and what it means from John Dickerson.

I'm up for the Carnival this week and am already way behind schedule, so better get to it.