Friday, May 11, 2007

Yellow Dog Sammy's Return: The Countdown Begins

First, there were his comments on Daily Kos.

Then, he opened Ohio2006, an upstart blog that quickly blew past everyone else to become the must-read blog on either side of the political spectrum. Left in orientation, just-the-facts in tone, YellowDogSammy set a standard few could match.

Then he opened OhioDaily to continue his blogging career. Then he disappeared. Ohio Daily - offline. YDS himself - incommunicado.

(OK, not entirely. I've been keeping in touch, but humor me on this Man of Mystery theme.)

Now, if you check out Ohio Daily you see the following:

Ten days. What happens next? Wait and see.

(All image from Jeff Coryell)


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That is sooo great!