Thursday, May 31, 2007

Around the Horn

Another fine day of blogging. Let's get to it.

  • Bill Callahan has today's must-read: A blow-by-blow account of the House Committee hearings on SB 117, the cable franchise bill. Be sure to read through the whole post as his walk-off (note writing term learned from yesterday's YDS/Connie Schultz interview) his walk-off is a brilliant Joe Hallett crackback.
  • Progress Ohio posts the case against Ken Blackwell's lame duck bonuses as obtained from current Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.
  • Ohio Media Watch posts an exclusive: That the end of the Big Chuck and Li'l John Show is rumored to be imminent. If you were a B movie geek in high school in the seventies and eighties, you feel the pain.
  • The Chief Source has a Readers Post contest going and posted a long comment as an entry. The comment is a review of Sam Harris's Letter to a Christian Nation. This I especially loved:
      Sam's motives are unmistakably admirable, but it seems to me a book written similarly about a rose bush would go into great detail about the thorns, how many people they had hurt and how dangerous they could be; then grudgingly and in passing admit that the thorn bush occasionally has a rose; then declare that all thorn bushes should be eliminated because we could still have flowers without them.
  • Finally, Jill discovers that Life Skills Centers is spamming the blogosphere.