Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strickland Order Protects Gay Employees; World to Open Up and Swallow Ohio

As promised, Governor Ted Strickland today signed an executive order reinstating language that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation and inserts language banning discrimination based on gender identity.

The Governor also says he will consider signing legislation banning private sector discrimination if he feels it gets around Constitutional problems posed by the gay marriage ban. Personally, I don't think there is a problem as employment has never been considered something that "approximates marriage."

Equality Ohio is predictably giddy about it. They note the following in an email:

    [W]e expect some will try and make this decision controversial, despite the facts:

    * 66% of Ohioans polled believe he’s right[]
    * 88% of Fortune 500 companies believe he’s right[]
    * It’s already policy for many major Ohio companies
    * It’s already policy for many Ohio cities
This is one I don't have much of a take on, except "Woo Hoo!"

As much as I liked seeing the Governor do the right thing, it was particularly enjoyable watching the Right get all verklempt about it.