Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Around the Horn

I'm not going to promise this as a regular feature, but I'd like to; A sampling of good work being done in the Ohio blogosphere.

  • YellowDogSammy wasn't just coasting when he was off. Among other things he sat down with PD Columnist (etc.) Connie Schultz for an interview. He has Part 1 transcribed. My personal favorite revelation: The idea for the book arose from a conversation her editor had with columnist Anna Quinlan.
  • Jill uncovered that the tasteless Benneton domestic violence ad is in fact a fake tasteless Benneton domestic violence ad.
  • OhioDave at Into My Own writes up Jarod's Law, a set of new safety regulations for traditional public schools with some unintended consequences that, well, we hope they were unintended. If you read one piece on the list, make it that one.
  • If you haven't heard, Jerid at Buckeye State raised money to travel New Hampshire for the summer and has been sending back brilliant dispatches. And getting into a bit of mischief. Case in point -- asking Mitt Romney if abortion is murder.
  • Another week, another charter school in trouble. PO has details.