Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Phil Savage on Jim Rome Tomorrow

The reviews of the Browns' draft among the local sports chatters have been far more positive than the review among the nationals. This especially with regards to trading up to pick QB Brady Quinn in the first round. (Passing him up to pick OT Joe Thomas to shore up the porous offensive line has garnered nearly universal praise, on the other hand.)

The two worlds come together tomorrow when nationally syndicated radio talker Jim Rome has Browns GM Phil Savage as a scheduled guest. Rome isn't exactly a tough interview, but he's not a patsy either. He'll ask Savage to defend the pick in light of criticisms of Quinn's accuracy and his failure to win big games.

If you are not of the Clonal Nation, Rome takes some getting used to, but he's a solid interviewer. His show runs from 12-3 on 850 WKNR. He'll set up the show in the first segment, giving you some idea when Savage should be on. Understand that Rome charges for podcasts, so catch it live or be prepared to pay.


Anonymous said...

I have never enjoyed listening to Rome. If it wasn't for the long pauses or just continually repeating what he just said, he could never fill up 3 hours of radio. He's sports talk light with a lot of bravado.

As far as Quinn, I'm not sure yet. He could be another coming of Brian Sipe or the next Tim Couch.

Still, I worry that the Browns are giving up their future. This team will not win big next year. You build a team with defense, O-linemen, and then talented position players.

I hope I'm wrong about the Browns. I will look forward to hearing Savage being interviewed by a man with clones. But I'm skeptical re: the Browns, and pretty sure that Rome is overrated. CBUS. OUT!

Scott Piepho said...


No doubt Rome is an aquired taste. I hated the guy for years and, somehow, tuned in one day, heard a set of hilarious takes about Otis Nixon's bodyguard of all things, and was hooked. Not saying everyone will like it if they give it a chance, but most people who like it hated it at first. And while his chatter is more about entertaining the Clones than substance, his interviews are tight. He has great guests, they like him and he gets them to say stuff you don't hear anywhere else.

As to the Browns, Savage and Crennell are going all in. If the Browns only win 6 or 7 games this year, they are out and they know it. So they did everything they could to put a credible team on the field now. Assessing quarterbacks in the draft is such a matter of luck, guesswork and junk science that phrenology thinks it's quackery. By next year we could be talking about how Charlie Frye stepped up and became one of the elite QBs, or how some 5th round pick from three years ago is now the new Tom Brady.

All we know now is that something has to click for the Browns or we will be shopping for a new coach and GM again next winter.

Jason Haas said...

I'll tune in later today. Also, don't forget Friday's the Smack-Off.

Proud member of Clone-nation