Monday, May 21, 2007

"Keep Lisa Carano" Launches

Yes this is an off-off year, but some positions are up for election. Lisa Zeno Carano is running to keep her appointed seat as Clerk of Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court.

I met Lisa through Summit County Progressive Democrats. A couple years ago she was elected to Tallmadge City Council and, per the rules of the Prog Dems, resigned her membership. Then earlier this year she was appointed by Gov. Strickland to the Clerk post after Strickland appointed the sitting clerk, Eric Czeti, to ODOT.

While I haven't been following her time at the Clerk's office, during her SCPD membership she enthusiastically took on leadership positions. According to her website, she already has some accomplishments as Clerk to run on.

Muni court clerk is one of those minor offices on which political power bases are built. Cuyahoga Falls Muni serves Cuyhoga Falls, Tallmadge and all the communities to the north in Summit County. It's generally a swing part of the county that probably leans right overall. This would be a good office to hold on to. Surf by her website and consider making a donation.


Patrick Carano said...


Thanks for drawing attention to Lisa's race. Pat

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Carano will lose by 350 to 600 votes to John Widowfield. Why? Name recognition/nonpartisan ballot/ and she was appointed to the position never elected by the voters.