Sunday, May 13, 2007

ODP Dinner: Big Haul in the Big Hall

As some friends noted, I did indeed attend the Ohio Democratic Party Dinner last night at which Sen. Hillary Clinton headlined. I met up with Jerid and the erstwhile YellowDogSammy for dinner and many friends, acquaintences and readers. If half the conversations I had were on the record, I'd have posts for a month.

What I do have is still plenty of material, but this being Mother's Day I probably won't get to it until late tonight or early tomorrow. In the meantime, Mark Naymick (whom I met last night) reports that the dinner brought in half a million. Congrats to the party for another successful event.

And thanks to the party for hooking us up. Again, we had blogger credentials (personalized this time so people spotted my name on the tag and introduced themselves as readers.) They had wifi in the building, outlets at the table and set things up to get us to the stage for pictures. For the record, I paid my way this time, both to support the party and to feel secure in my independence.

More to come.


Unknown said...

I look forward to reading the details.


Jill said...

Ditto Lisa Renee's comment, Scott. Sorry I had to miss also but the bar mitzvah weekend was an unparalleled success.

Anonymous said...

Best. Dinner. Ever. My favorite remark came from Treasurer Cordray who said, "this event feels like MTV meets ODP." The lighting & staging very professional . . . no red, white & blue bunting for a refreshing change. The band on stage for the whole show & the gay chorus were nice additions.