Friday, May 04, 2007

2007 Jim Rome Show Smack-Off Results (Spoilers) UPDATED

Last year it really bugged me that I couldn’t find results to the Jim Rome Show 2006 Smack-Off online when I had to step out for the last segment. So, always about public service, here they are in ascending order.

10. Oren in Denver. (That was last call of the day, btw)
9. Trapper in Dana Point
8. Jeff in Richmond (same call, different year)
7. Jay Mohr (the professional comedian)
6. Stevie from LMU
5. Terrence in Sierra Madre
4. Iafrate
3. Greg in Vegas
2. Joe in the O.C.
1. The Cablinasian

Yes, Sean the Cablinasian won his fifth smack-off. For the time I’ve been listening to the show, I’ve heard a non-Cablinasian winner exactly once. I didn’t agree with the decision last year, and I’d love to hear a more competitive event, but this year he definitely won it going away. And I’m really glad Jim didn’t fall for Greg in Vegas’s Glengarry soliloquy. Not only does riffing on a movie require less originality than actually writing your own material, the riffing itself is not an original idea but the bailiwick of Trapper.

Vic in NoCal called his shot earlier this week and didn’t show up. Jeff in Richmond is pissed that Vic stole his act.

As a frequent – and largely unsuccessful – emailer, I had a soft spot for Dave in St. Louis, Non-Hunter, but he also failed to show.

Back to the winner: Sean, you should share that free plate of wings with Iafrate – and I don’t just mean the celery. If Iafrate didn’t tear Terrance apart on a regular basis you’d be looking at maybe number three right now.

OK, the three of you who read this blog and understand what any of the above meant, hope you enjoyed it. The rest of you scroll down to hear about the call from the Kucinich campaign that kept me from hearing all of Stevie.

UPDATE: It appears that Clones can Google, notwithstanding what I said Saturday morning. Cindy George hits have given way to searches for "Smack-off results" or "Sean the Cablinasian" or "What happened to Vic in NoCal."

Glad to be of service, Clones. Since Jim is in the basement for the foreseeable future, feel free to drop a comment about the results if you wish. Particularly those of you who are StuckNuts refugess. No, this blog will not be the second coming of LiveWithMom, but I'm happy to play host to Smack-off kibbitzing if there's a demand for it.

UPDATE 2: Andrew Siciliano is on for Rome this week. He says that they have tracked down the story behind Vic in NoCal's no-show; details to be revealed when Rome returns Monday.


Jason Haas said...

The Cablinasian rolled, scaring off Vic in BlowCal. Awesome. I did think Trapper could have placed higher.

Unknown said...

Is there a way to hear it for free?


Scott Piepho said...

Not as far as I know, Pardee. Jim likes his jack.

Anonymous said...

Here was my top five.

1. Cablinasian
2. Terrance
3. Jay Moore
4. Oren
5. Greg in Vegas

I had a friend tape it for me.
I was out of town.
This is the one time a year I tune in.
Jim should go to Sirius Radio.


Blayzne said...

I was waiting all year for the damn smack off. And like an idiot I agreed to help my cousin move home from college on the same day, and no one would let me listen. So if theres a way to hear it free someone should let me know.

Anonymous said...

Foe insight and sound clips from the Smack Off, see...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Rachel in Houston? She would call in often last year, and she was hilarious. Fresh, funny, quick witted, and a unique style. Did she not enter the smack off this year?

Scott Piepho said...


Agreed. I am among the few, the proud the R in Htown fans. Unfortunately she flamed. She came in around 2:00, ran some fairly ordinary smack and ran long so Jim gave her the Human Buzzer. He said "If you are going to take up that kind of real estate during the Smack-Off, you have to justify it. Set it up, knock it down." I thought he could have let her finish the bit she was running, but she did go long. Probably she wouldn't have broken the top ten anyway, but she ends up with a DNF.