Friday, September 21, 2007

A New Pino Flurry

My blog stats counter serves as a Julio Pino news alerts system. When I see a spate of hits from searches for "Julio Pino," odds are Mike Adams has written another anti-Pino screed. Indeed, it has worked again.

Apparently Adams got a 9/11 anniversary note purporting to be from Pino. Interestingly, Adams says he thougth it might be a fraud and wrote Pino to confirm. Interesting because he was so sure emails he got last year that purported to be from Pino were authentic.

At any rate, neither Pino nor KSU officials responded to Adams' inquiries.

The email as quoted sounds more deadpan jihadist than much of the work of Lover of Angels -- the blogger thought to be Pino. The original Lover of Angels sounded more like a Borat version of Islamic radicalism, particularly in comments on other BlogHi blogs. So it may be a fake Lover or the same guy with refined (!) patter.

Ever since the first couple days of the story, Kent State's strategy has been STFU, for both officials at the University and Pino himself. And Pino has stuck to that strategy which would be surprising if he really were that wild-eyed nut Lover of Angels.

As a result, Adams has received no reply to his inquiries to Kent State and to Pino himself. Now I don't blame people for not addressing Adams directly as he seems a little unbalanced himself. This is, after all, the man who said Pino should be shipped to an offshore black site and tortured for his blog work. When Adams describes Islam as "the world's most violent religion," he sounds more jealous than disapproving.

Nonetheless, the latest episode reminds me how frustrating the whole controversy has been. Pino has never explained his exact relationship to the former Global War blog. I don't find Pino hide-under-the-bed scary like Adams apparently does, but I nonetheless think those of us in Ohio who pay his salary have a right to know where he stands on this. And it aggravates me that he hides behind his right to free speech.

Set aside whether a Pino-approved regime would extend that right to its citizens, I don't want to curb his speech, I want him to disclose whether the speech on Global War was his.


Boring Made Dull said...


I used to read Mike Adams. For about two weeks - I'm not that bright, so that's how long it took me to realize that he seems to have only two columns. Pino made three.

He may or may not be a good professor in his area of expertise, but frankly, Ann Coulter provides a broader (pun intended) repertoire and more intellectual heft in her columns.

Indeed, Coulter's more frustrating becuase she probably has the ability to be influential if she'd think more before she typed.

Elmer's Brother said...

I was the one who found Pino in the first place. I have screen shots of his IP address at Kent State when he visited my site, in addtion to emails he sent directly to me using his KSU email address. All this was not only sent to Adams but to the FBI.

About 6 others and I spent a year trying to get the media's attention and started a petition. Our beef wasn't with his free speech, it was the fact that he was using KSU resources to spew his hate.