Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carnival of Politics #84

It's up, with an Orwellian theme. Obvious, but given how much of blogging is given over to parsing political doublespeak, obvious worked.

By the way, heartfelt apologies to my fellow administrators. Not only did I inadvertently start the labor-generating tradition of finding a nexus among the carnival number, graphic and theme, I did so having by far the easiest numbers to work with. I mean, 76, 80, 84 -- the posts practically write themselves. Meanwhile poor Jill has to deal with 83.

Not that I'm going to stop, mind you. 88 is next. Time to brush up on piano terminology.


matt r. said...

thanks. the long tail of political blogging really has a lot of crap in it. some of those are just unreadable.