Friday, September 28, 2007

Building Inspectors Inspected

The Akron Building Department has been dinged by an Ohio oversight agency for failing to comply with rules:

    Akron's building department has failed to adhere to the rules and procedures established by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.

    And four department employees will be advised Monday of a move to revoke their certifications as inspectors.

    That was the finding of a voluminous report released today by the Ohio Department of Commerce that resulted from an investigation into complaints against the city's building department and its suspended chief officer, Greg Burgoon.

At the mayoral primary debate, Joe Finley cited a recent Plusquellec harague at the building department as Exhibit A. He alleged that the interim building inspector had resigned as a result (as it turns out, untrue.) Somehow he had a recording of the incident and his spokeslawyer Warner Mendenhall was handing out CDs in the lobby after the event. Mendenhall said that

Plusquellec's response was to own it proudly. He said the inspection department wasn't doing the job and damn yes he got after them. Not that he needs validation, but this is big time validation. And how bad would Finley look now if he had pulled off the upset and was now against the inevitable Republican as Independent challenger?