Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Is Completely Shameless.

Congressman and presidential campaign hobbyist Dennis Kucinich (D-Candyland) is at it again. He still has not responded to a debate challenge from his Congressional primary opponent, Rosemary Palmer. But that doesn't stop him from pitching a hissy about being excluded from Iowa events.

Kucinich has famously concentrated his Presidential nomination strategy on winning New Hampshire. As a result of that and the fact that he isn't raising money or hiring staff, he has no presence in Iowa. Organizations hosting campaign events set rules that candidates must have a presence in Iowa. Kucinich doesn't so he doesn't get invited. Then he tosses his hissy and everyone walks away happy. DK gets free pub and the rest get a Dennis-free event.

The latest character in the ensemble is AARP which is co-hosting a candidate forum, along with Iowa Public Television. According to Kucinich, he is getting snubbed because AARP is too cozy with insurance companies:

    Kucinich sees something darker at play. As his campaign explains it, AARP's partnership with private health insurers will generate $4 billion in revenues for the organization over seven years. Kucinich wants to take profits -- and premiums, deductibles and co-payments -- out of the equation. In a Kucinich White House, he says, there would be health coverage for all.

    So AARP is excluding him from its forum, he says, because it has "a $4 billion vested interest in preserving the role of private, for-profit insurance companies in the health care industry."

Yes Dennis , everyone with a stake in the status quo is scared of you. That's why you don't get invited to things -- because they are afraid you're going to win. After all, you are only a couple appearances in Iowa away from breaking the psychologically important five percent barrier.


Unknown said...

The facts are that Dennis Kucinich's health care plan is not for profit. That means no health care insurance companies. AARP has a $4.4 Billion interest in the current for profit system through there insurance programs.
AARP did not allow Dennis Kucinich to attend because they do not want the American Public to know about a not for profit system.
If you would like to know more please visit:

Scott Piepho said...

And why wouldn't Dennis want to explain those facts in a debate with Rosemary Palmer? If you would like to get in touch with her, please visit:

VegArd said...

Uh, hello? Does Ms. Palmer realize that Dennis Kucinich is running for President, not for Congress? At the point he decides to stop running for President and run for Congress instead, I'm sure he'll be only too happy to respond to Ms. Palmer's invitation and give her a real run for her money. Just a guess on my part, but makes sense, don't you think? I agree w/Kirk. AARP didn't want someone like Dennis talking about his eminently sane and democratic health insurance program.

TBMD said...

1. Dennis will never, ever, debate Rosmary Palmer. Unless he's behind in the polls, and then it's a different tune.

2. This is a man who reinforced Cleveland as a national joke. I'm still not sure why he's doing anything other than selling peanuts or playing the saxophone for quarters outside of Jacobs Field. You would think that after his trashing of the city, and handin Ohio over to the Republicans for. what, 20 years? that he'd be a non-starter, even in a safe Democratic seat.

3. The AARP is about the safest Democratic constituency available. It's the UAW for old people. (Well, until the UAW realises that the greens want to sell them down the river to curry favor with Al Gore.) Honestly, these folks are extremely susceptible to the "republicans want to take your hard earned social security checks and give them to Haliburton" arguments.

So why won't they invite a vanity candidate for President?

Because they are not a stupid as Dennis.

On the plus side, conservatives get at least a maginal benefit from painting all Democrats as cut from Dennis' defective cloth.