Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Carnival #83

Jill has the newest Carnival up. She went retro NASCAR for the graphic. Based on my research, the #83 Hot Tamales car was a Kerry Earnhardt's paint scheme heading into Daytona in 2003. It wasn't his regular paint scheme in the 2003 season. How retro is that? Long enough ago that it was still called the Winston Cup series.

Kerry is the older, less successful half-brother of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. He's the son of Dale Sr's first wife, not of wicked stepmother Teresa.

All about service here at Pho's House of Useless Knowledge.

Back to the Carnival -- we are trying to encourage people to submit posts with an Ohio connection. We have so much going on here in the state


Jason Haas said...

Had to mention her name, didn't you Pho? Just couldn't pass that up...EVIL EVIL EVIL, THERESA.

Then I'm stunned by the notion that Kerry ran Daytona; don't remember that. and I'm guessing he got in on owner points b/c he can't drive fast enough to qualify outright.

Jill said...

Thanks for the backup, Pho. Like I said, I was using an image I really had no business using - since I know next to nothing about anything related to racing after about 1978.