Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Charlie Frye Traded?

One report earlier today from WTAM's Mike Trivasanno said that the Browns were looking to move or cut QB Charlie Frye. (h/t Jim Rome.) Right now the front page of ESPN 850 WKNR quotes a Fox Sports reporter as saying that Frye has indeed been dealt to the Seahawks. As of right now, nothing showing on the Browns official site.

The Browns appear to be going all in with their bet on Brady Quinn. They are moving Frye to bring back veteran Ken Dorsey who was around during camp as a player/mentor for Quinn. I hope against hope that ownership and management understand not to start Quinn before he is ready. I hope, for instance, that ownership assures Crennel and company that they will accept some more losses as Derek Anderson plays statue in the pocket. I hope we all realize that we are once again rebuilding and in particular are building Quinn's experience and confidence. He's a middling first round pick who missed a bunch of camp. If they run him out too soon, forget any hopes of Quinn being the future franchise.

Frankly, Frye probably needed more seasoning before starting last year. Whether he has the talent to be anything more than a backup or a spot-starter remains to be seen, but he certainly doesn't have the talent to take up the position without some experience.

And once again, the Brown's inability to field a solid offensive line has claimed a promising quarterback. Tim Couch looks up from his steroid-fueled comeback attempt and laughs ruefully.

Image: AP/ESPN


John Ettorre said...

Jesus, it never ends with this team.

redhorse said...

Saw this on Ohio.com, or at least that WTAM was reporting it would happen today.

They had better start Anderson until the bye week. Cincy might not be so bad this week, but Baltimore looms.

This is like '99 all over again. Clueless front office full of platitudes, aimless coaching direction, and a woefully overmatched team. Unreal.

Ben said...

The fans deserve better than this. I am not a huge Browns fan, but a team that gets the support they do really should try and get a quality product on the field every so often.

Dave P. said...

Let's go Bengals! [clap clap clap-clap-clap]