Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who's Against Reform Ohio Now?

From a NEO RON organizer; Ohio First has released a list of endorsers.

Opposing Issues 2-5
Buckeye Firearms Association
Christian Coalition of Ohio
Citizens for Community Values
CrossPower Ministries
Homemakers for America
Moms for Ohio
National Federation of Independent Business
Ohio Association of Realtors
Ohio Concrete Construction Association
Ohio Contractors' Association
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Ohio Dental Association
Ohio Manufacturers' Association
Ohio Restoration Project
Ohio Trucking Association
Pro-Family Network
Reform America
Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati
The Patriot Pastors
United Conservatives of Ohio for Good Government
Votes for Women
Warren County Right to Life
Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce

Opposing Issue 3
Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
Ohio State Medical Association

Opposing Issue 4
Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Opposing Issue 5
League of Women Voters of Ohio
Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

Who says we’re seeing a conservative crackup? Rabid corporatists and fundie wingnuts may not be able to agree on a SCOTUS nominee, but they can come together to oppose common-sense measures that strengthen democracy.

Why are dentists in bed with Ladies-Against-Women groups? The same reason a number of Democratic Party official quietly hope to see RON go down. Power. RON is about accountability. Opposing RON is the purview of those who care about nothing but attaining and retaining power.

Meanwhile, Ohio First's fundie minions are telling their followers that RON will destroy families.

RON is no panecea for Progressives. We could gain seats in a state where all the districts are competitive, or we could lose even more if the Ohio Democratic Party's head remains proctologically located. But there are high principles at stake. First, that democracy means that people's votes matter. And second, that a bunch of rich guys running around lying their butts off can't win elections forever.