Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hackett Nears a Deanscream Moment

As I noted earlier, I feel that Sherrod Brown entering the Senate race is a good thing, if for no other reason, because he's there in case Hackett blows up. It wasn't exactly the recitation o' states but in, a Mother Jones article posted today Hackett looks less than Senatorial.

His basic take is ripping the party for failing to keep Brown out of the race:

If Democrats want to start winning races, he adds, they might need a dose of boot-camp discipline: “How come this doesn’t happen in the Republican Party? It’s because they sit down guys like Sherrod and put him in a corner and make him wear the dunce cap.”

How many ways is the wrong? First, the Rebublicans discipline, though extensive, is not that strong. Just ask Jim Petro. Second, a disciplined party is not one that allows a political neophyte to take on a vulnerable incument Senator. The "boot camp" Hackett wants would keep him on manuvers while the guy who has paid his dues gets the good assignment.

Finally, the Republican's much-vaunted discipline has not been a consistent benefit. In 1996 the party ran Bob Dole for no other apparent reason than that he had paid his dues. Despite Clinton's tumultuous first term, he beat Dole far more easily than he had any right to. W. Bush got the nomination thanks to the Republican machine and barely squeaked by the soporific Al Gore.

Democratic party politics are far from perfect, but the last thing we need is to join the other side in the politics of annointing.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, and realizing it has about nothing to do with what you wrote... I'm wondering what you thought of the 'Deanscream Moment'

Scott Piepho said...

An interesting question. I have a theory that most bloggers kept running blogs in their heads long before blogging platforms gave them a forum. It is certainly true for me. So give me a sec while I pull that entry from the archives.

Personally, I didn't see The Horror. I saw how it confirmed the Crazy Doctor Dean narrative that had been percolating, but his "guys with Confederate flag window stickers" comment seemed much more loose cannon/derailed train/whatthefuck to me.

But I also saw that it didn't matter what I thought. There comes a time where damage is done in the eyes of an insurmountably large swath of voters and a candidate simply can't come back. The Dean Scream was last year's equivalent of Edmund Muskie crying, of Michael Dukakis riding the tank, of Gary Hart getting . . . caught. The fork was in from that moment on.

Finally, I couldn't help wishing that more of America could see his subsequent appearance on Jon Stewart which was hilarious, but also made him appear far more relaxed, positive and likable than at any other time in the campaign.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more re: your Dean statements. Thanks for sharing mate.

On your Blogger theory:
I have a theory that most bloggers kept running blogs in their heads long before blogging platforms gave them a forum. It is certainly true for me.

I was under the impression those were called thoughts :D

However after reading so many blogs I kinda wish some people would just keep those inside! LOL j/k

PS. Since I'm just randomly chatting now, I thought I'd tell you that I can't get Italics to work in the comments. Bold seems to work fine though. Just a heads up.