Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Loretta Haugh Towel Watch

How long before Loretta Haugh tosses it in. Will she try to out-stubborn her colleagues and serve out her last two years? And if so, why?

The last few days have been impressively unpleasant, particularly considering the lack of a legal or moral scandal. Sunday the teachers and school employees unions called for her resignation. Monday, the rest of the school board stripped her of all additional responsibilities. Today the BJ weighed in with an editorial adovocating her resignation.

Hard to beleive this kind of misery is worth either the School Board salary or whatever principle she thinks she is standing on. It would be interesting to know whether she is nearing a pension milestone.

I should note that until this turn, I like Loretta Haugh. She was a consistent advocate for public school students. She is not a stealth pro-charter candidate like, say, a certain State Board of Ed. member. But she made a brutal miscalculation and still can't seem to see it.