Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Couple Bits of RON News

First Citizens to End Corruption has put together an ad in support of RON. Two things are great about this. The first is the ad itself which offers a compelling rejoinder to Ohio First’s scurrilous duct tape spot. The second is that they snagged the domain before Ohio First did.

Also this PeeDee story runs down results of a Bliss Institute poll. Bottom line – 2 & 3 are doing well, 4 & 5 are too close to call. Here’s the mixed picture on 4 & 5:

Among those familiar with Issue 4, 56.1 percent support it, according to the
survey by the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of
Akron. Among likely voters, however, the support drops to 43.5 percent.

A similar pattern emerged for Issue 5, which would transfer the secretary of
state's election administration duties to a nine-member board. Among those
familiar with Issue 5, 52.7 support it, a figure that drops to 42.5 percent for
likely voters.

"The proponents of Issues 4 and 5 have some work to do," said John Green, who directs the Bliss Institute. Their greatest task: Explain what these issues mean to voters. As Green pointed out, history shows that voters who don't understand a ballot issue tend to vote no.

We have our work cut out for us, but the overall picture looks good.

Also in the PeeDee is further evidence of the Mourning Doving of RON. Now conservative Christians should vote against it because it is supported by the same people "took prayer out of our public schools."

How many times do these people have to be lied to before they get it? The GOP establishment is playing them.


k-pho said...

If you're interested, the complete bliss report is On the UA website