Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Horse Race '06: Brown Back In?

Lots of chatter in the sphere about the Senate race next year. So far, Mike DeWine doesn't have a serious challenger for the nomination. The nearly-official news that Paul Hackett will run for the Democratic nomination broke today. But the really big news is the apparent re-testing of the waters by Sherrod Brown.

Here's what we know.

Brown spokesperson Joanna Kuebler said:

His statement [that he will not run] has not changed at this time. However,
Congressman Brown continues to be asked by state and national supporters to run
for the United States Senate in Ohio. Personal and professional obligations have
changed since his initial decision. He is consulting with supporters and his
family about a possible run.

New Washington Post blogger Chris Calizza starts off his project with a teaser that he is "hearing" that Brown will run. Democracy Guy drops a similar unattributed "I have heard" line. Finally, at Brown project GrowOhio.org, posts about the rumors have remained unmolested by the adminstrator, but no one from the Brown camp is commenting either.

My guess is that the "change" is not so much in personal and professional obligations as in poll numbers and money promises. Meanwhile, it's anyone's guess who might step up to run for Brown's seat. And the primary battle should be interesting -- wonkish experience vs war hero cred.

Stay tuned.