Saturday, October 08, 2005

Reform Ohio Now: A Swift Boat Coming up the River

From today's BJ:

State Republicans have hired the advertising firm that last year produced the national Swift Boat Veterans' campaign ads against presidential candidate John Kerry in an effort to defeat constitutional amendments that would change Ohio's election laws.

One problem: RON advocates aren't going to lay down and take the punishment for a week like the Bob Schrum-bamboozled Kerry did. Instead, they are waiving the Swift Boat red flag before the Ohio netroots bull.

Later in the article we learn that Republicans in the General Assembly plan to legislate expanded early voting in an attempt to neutralize the most popular of the issues. The Dispatch ($$) reports that they plan to amend pending bill H.B. 234. They also plan on adding some "anti-fraud" provisions. Anti-fraud in the hands of Rebublicans is always a little scary.

As of now the amendment to H.B. 234 is not yet up. We'll check it out when it is.